Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colin- Intro to weapons

I am now posting on here as a separate account so that Nate and I may have separate personae. Not really that important i suppose, but it seemed like a good idea.

Also, so far, the voting is showing that the topic of highest interest among the people who have viewed this page so far is weaponry. I guess i should appease the readers then, and make this post about weapons.
    To start off, I will discuss pros and cons of various firearms, as i assume most of you are most interested in those...
  1. Shotguns- They are awesome. we all love them. I don't think there is a single person alive who doesnt want to watch things be shredded by the raw awesome power of a good old fashioned twelve-gauge pump.They perform very well in confined spaces, such as inside houses, offices, or most any other indoor space, especially ones with narrow hallways. The great thing about hitting a target with a 12-gauge slug is that its not going to keep running at you... in fact, there's a reasonable chance that limbs could be detached...      fuck yeah. They put things (in this case, zombies) down, and they go down hard and fast, regardless of where you hit them, so long as you're within relatively close range. Another nice feature is that you can top off your ammo after every shot if you feel the need. Personally, I think that the drawbacks of a pump shotgun out way the awesome power they have- first of all, you cant squeeze off multiple shots at multiple targets in a hurry if you are in the open with more than two or three Z's. Secondly, you dont have very high ammo capacity, as most civilian hunting shotguns only hold 4 shells in the mag tube, plus one in the chamber. On top of that, the gun itself is cumbersome and so is the ammo. you could carry 100+ .22 rounds in your cargo pockets, but good luck fitting more than 20 shotgun shells in any pocket on you. All of this isn't to say that a shotgun isn't a good tool to have- it would be good to have one of them on your team, but they are fairly limited in their abilities outside of door breaching. All considered, if I was alone, and i had to pick JUST ONE firearm, a pump shotgun would not be the one for me, mainly because of its lack of versatility, however, if you have some friends, it would be in your interest to keep one handy.
  2. Rifles- This is really such a broad category that it should have an entire blog of its own, but i will try to be concise. For the purpose of zombie infection, I would prefer a compact, lightweight semi-automatic .22 of some sort. Something that fires a slightly larger bullet would be good though, because you wouldn't always need to get perfect headshots to drop Z's quickly. The semi-auto is of utmost importance however, and anything else is simply foolish. Anybody who thinks full auto firearms are a good idea in a zombie outbreak is going to die... fast. If you panic, you're probably going to start spraying bullets all over the place, and your accuracy is going to go to shit. Next thing you know, you're going to have no ammo, and probably haven't done much to stop the attacking infected. The only situation that would be acceptable to open fire with full auto guns would be if the zombies are packed shoulder to shoulder, and you had better hope you have a fucking chain gun at that point, because you're shafted if there's that many of them... A semi-auto gun requires you to aim properly- calm down, take your time, think about what you're situation is, and make a solid, informed decision, and a well placed shot.... hopefully. The only real big distinction to be made between most modern rifles is whether it shoots "big bullets" or "small bullets". While the 5.56mm (standard AR round, also referred to as .223) is a high velocity round with good penetration, it isnt very large, and might take a few shots to put a zombie down, especially since they don't feel fear, and are probably pumped up on all kinds of adrenaline. These are not to be dismissed as bad rounds however, because they are certainly plentiful, and you could carry a lot of them before they started to get heavy. The next common round is the 7.62x39mm (standard AK-47 round). This is probably the best bullet for stopping the human body. While it travels slower than the 5.56, it is much larger, and delivers a lot more energy upon impact. Because of it's size, weight, and slow speed, it has a lot more "stopping power" and will knock a human body on the floor in a hurry. It was based off of the German M-44 round, and was further refined by Russian developers to be the perfect man-stopper. The goal was to make a round light enough to carry more per soldier, and effective enough that a single center mass shot would deliver enough energy to cause enough impact shock to disable the target.   I personally would like to have an AK-47 in an apocalypse scenario, because while some AR barrel variations allow for shooting of the 7.62's, and are made from lighter alloys, an AK is one of the most reliable guns around. The AK might also have less effective range than some AR's due to accuracy, but anything outside the range of an AK isn't worth shooting at anyway. You would be better off not drawing the attention to yourself...
well, that's all I've got right now... I've calculus homework to do...


  1. You, my friend, are a skilled writer.

  2. I'd probably go with a sword just for the badass appeal. Zombies are soft, right?

  3. - 'I Rate Shit'

    thanks bro, i try to write similarly to how i speak, assuming i had as much time to think out what i say in advance.

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