Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shelter- Nate

Be it a house, a sleeping bag or even the clothes on your back everyone needs shelter to stay alive.  That is why shelter is the second most important thing to have while being outside, trekking through zombie infested forests or otherwise.  In this section I’ll brief over a few different types of shelter for sleeping in and explain the pros and cons of each type.
  • The clothes on your back.  While your clothes will be one of the most used and arguably most important pieces of shelter you will use, they will be the least likely to keep you comfortable through the night.  If your dressed for day time temperatures then you will be to cold at night if your dressed for night time temperatures you will be to warm during the day. Of course when I say dressed for night time temperatures I am referring to being able to sleep warm during the night.  If you plan to keep moving to wherever your destination may be then you won’t need as warm clothes because your body heat will keep you warm. In all reality what clothes your wearing should be your last line of defense against the elements, and should consist of primarily wool, wool blends, and synthetics.

  • The simple waterproof poncho should be in any mans outdoor gear.  Packable and versatile I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want one. Paired with a poncho liner it makes a great water resistant sleeping bag for milder temperatures. On its own it can be used as a ground cloth, a tarp, a rain jacket, and if you want to be creative a pretty good tent.
More to come later


  1. If you are in a zombie environment you should wear leather, humans can't eat though most of it

  2. I agree with the poncho bit, ponchos are pretty versatile as far as water-resistance goes. It's just another layer a zombie has to get through, so why not?