Monday, October 11, 2010

Colin- introduction continued

So, as this is the first of many posts, I wont go into too much detail, but I will say that most of my posts related to the apocalypse, (at least for the time being) will mostly be made with the assumption that the cataclysmic event should happen tomorrow, and that the weather is fair, and most circumstances are relatively agreeable... at least as good as they get in the collapse of humanity...

There is no way to see the apocalypse very far in advance, so most of the things I will be posting about are going to be under the assumption that it comes as a surprise, and you have no time to prepare any supplies other than what your already rampant paranoia has compelled you to stockpile ahead of time for no reason.


  1. :]
    You are shopping at a crowded shopping center and currently push a shopping trolley down the frozen food aisle. You hear screams coming from the .

    You check you
    -1x cellphone, fully charged
    -1x keys
    -1x shopping trolley

    Currently accessible areas are and .

    What now?

  2. ;/ it >< deleted (north),(south),(inventory) and (wallet)

  3. I do not understand this shit at all.. Kept my attention though for some reason.