Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey, I'm Colin- I'm hella paranoid and I have a questionable obsession with the apocolypse.

My first post is going to be an introductory passage pertaining to survival in zombie, or other apocalypse scenarios. My role in this blog is focused more on the philosophy of the end of the world- where to hide, what to ride, which weapons you may want to carry, and which ones you should leave behind. I will be discussing logistics of travel, what supplies should be coveted the most, and the best ways to turn your home into an impregnable fortress.

Presently, I’m at school, so I will get back to you guys later. Until then, stay paranoid, be prepared!


  1. I hope you update lots, lets hear your thoughs

  2. Hello there,
    The how to thread was deleted, email me at rhymeswithsyphilis AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to stay in touch with some of us.
    Cheers : )
    (feel free to delete this comment)